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Creative Leisure Group is in the market for original screenplays.  As independent filmmakers we are looking for low to medium budget projects with a minimum of characters, locations and special requirements.  Listed below are some subjects of ongoing interest, in addition to a few specific ideas we are trying to find.  We also love stories that are unique in offbeat and wacky ways.  Special consideration to projects suitable for international co-production.

Genres we are interested in:


Story ideas we have elements for but need a script:


We understand the difficulty struggling writers have getting their work read.  As a small independent producer, we to must struggle to get things produced.   For these reasons we are willing to consider submissions directly from unrepresented individuals.

However, we will ONLY ACCEPT SCRIPTS we have specifically requested and accompanied by a standard submission release.  We invite you to make us aware of your scripts by emailing your loglines or a concise synopsis to:

Submissions from WGA/WGC agents may be sent directly to:

Creative Leisure Group

#251 - 1027 Davie Street

Vancouver B.C. V6E 4L2


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