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An independent producer of filmed entertainment - Victoria, British Columbia


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So why are you based in Victoria when you consider the region a poor choice for film producers?

If you have ever enjoyed a walk along Victoria's waterfront on a sunny morning or watched the sun rise from behind the Olympic Mountains, you'd have your answer.

Victoria is a beautiful place.  We are here as a lifestyle choice and the quality of life. Sure it has its faults and can be on the boring side, but sometimes boring works. We also have ties to Los Angeles and will continue to work and play there as well.

With respect to where we produce our films, we continue to think that Victoria is not a great choice. The projects we currently have in development are slated to shoot in either Vancouver or Los Angeles. The film industry has become truly global and technology allows location practically anywhere.  Its usually only a question of money.  Being a prudent independent producer we have to be accountable for every dollar our financiers trust us with.  As such, we will shoot wherever the project makes the most sense.

While we remain a Canadian company, we have dear and talented friends and associates both in British Columbia and California.  We look forward to future endeavours with all of them.  The economic benefits of shooting in Canada are fairly well known.  However, there are certainly projects we can shoot faster and cheaper in L.A.  Bottom line is we will go where the script demands and the money to shoot it can be found.

Always remember, in show business, the operative word is "business

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