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My name is Gary Stamford. I work in the film industry as a gaffer/grip and in professional theatre as a lighting   designer and technical director. I am based in the Los Angeles area, but I am an independant soul who loves to   work with new people and experience different situations. I have begun my newest career as producer of independant feature films.  Here's my list of favourite movies, actors and crew.
Like just about everyone else in L.A., I have more than one job. My night gig involved delivering body parts (among other stuff). Yes, I really do drive around with transplant organs. I am an "URBAN NOMAD" in LaLa Land. 
I spend many LONG hours on set and in dark theatres. I   don't do the gym thing, but stay in pretty good shape   through hard work, swimming and skiing. While in Canada I   used to enjoy curling, but L.A. seems to be lacking in   curling clubs. If anyone knows of one, let me know.   I am an avid reader of classic literature, speculative fiction,   philosophy and comparitive religon. Here's my list of favourite reads. My musical tastes are diverse and eclectic.   You are as likely to find me at the opera, as the nightclubs on Sunset.  
The little free time I have is often spent frequenting some of L.A.'s finer striptease establishments. My favs include Crazy Girls in Hollywood and the Wild Goose at LAX. A  friend once caled me his "stripclub mentor." I prefer to think of myself as an ECDYSIAST ENTHUSIAST! 
Tell me your fetish, I'll tell you mine!
As an independent production professional, I'm always seeking work Here are my resumes for your consideration.
You can also find my concert tour resume at CREWPOOL
Here's my weird and wonderful collection of LINKS
Just Plain Weird & Fun 
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